Jan | 16 | 2015

Graphics Outfitters announces Scorebridge MONO.

Addressing the market for single controller access. Graphics Outfitters announces ScoreBridge MONO.  Scorebridge is used extensively in the remote production industry by companies demanding low latency, simplified access to a plethora of scoreboard interfacing options as their daily workflows change from stadium to stadium.   However, there has been a growing need for a more cost-effective solution for schools which do not require adapatbility to multiple scoring platforms.  For this market segment.  We have created ScoreBridge MONO.  Single Controller multisport interfacing at a new price point.  Upgrade in the future to multi-controller ScoreBridge when necessary. Don't wait for your data to return from a "Cloud Based Service" with ongoing data charges.  Scorebirdge MONO is a simple "one-time buy.


Works with LiveText with DataLink, Score HD, ScoreHD for Wirecast, ScoreHD for LIveStream

Apr | 05 | 2014

Graphics Outfitters announces EScores!  Real-Time Scoring and Timing Data delivered to Web Sites and Tickers via Android or IOS SmartPhone Applications.


Las Vegas, NV:


Ever wanted an easy method to get live scoring and timing from dozens or even hundreds of games onto your web site or displayed to a on-screen ticker?  Then EScores is your answer!  Based on cloud based web services.  Each customer has complete control over game selection, Stringer Assignment, and secure login from IOS or Android Smartphones.  Timing and Scoring updates can be made as often as every 20 seconds and the results are displayed instaniously on your web site or on a Graphics Outfitters supplied On-
Air Ticker solutions.  A complete hand-free solution with the ability to sell "sponsor advertising" on each game displayed on a ticker.  Become the local source for real-time High School timing and scoring information with EScores! 

For more information, see EScores on our PRODUCTS page, give us a call, or coming soon, visit ESCORES.COM

Apr | 05 | 2014

Graphics Outfitters announces Portable Dual Channel VizRT Engine with Trio solution


Las Vegas, NV:


From the originators of the original single-channel VizRT engine comes our newest product.  Developed in co-operation with VizRT and Fox Sports1.  Graphics Outfitters now offers a complete Portable Conversion kit for Rack-Base VizRT systems in the field.  Slash transportation costs to a fraction of shipping "Bullet" type systems.  System includes 2 Quadro K5000 GPUs and a single K4000 GPU...  Dual Xeon processors with 32GB RAM. Just add your Matrox card, software and dongle.  Also available for rental and lease.


For more information, see Dual Channel Viz on our PRODUCTS page, or give us a call 

Apr | 05 | 2014

ScoreHD for ATEM.  Breaking the price barrier for the live-streaming market.


Las Vegas, NV:


ScoreHD for ATEM is a break-thru in Live Sports Timing and Scoring display systems for the exploding streaming markets.  No need to settle for static graphics and Picture in Picture game clocks.  Simply connect your NVIDIA Mobile GPU equipped Laptop with HDMI output into your ATEM switcher HDMI input.  Score HD for ATEM, uses the ATEM's powerful Chroma-keying functions to provide never before seen graphic animations and stadium clock integration.  ScoreHD for ATEM comes with 4 Digit OCR for camera based game clock integration into your productions.  Includes Basketball Application and Grahics Templates.  All for only $3,999. Additional Applications and Sports available at additional costs.


For more information, see ScoreHD for ATEM on our PRODUCTS page, or give us a call 

Apr | 05 | 2014

Real-Time Football Scoring Drive visualiztations with ScoreDrive


Las Vegas, NV:


ScoreDrive provides real-time visualizations of Football Scoring drives to ScoreHD Football.  ScoreDrive is a companion software opition for our Dueo for ScoreHD Football Fast Action Keybaord.  ScoreDrive takes Down/Distance and Ball-On information entered during normal "ScoreBug Operations" and provides impressive real-time visualization of Scoring Drives that result in Touchdowns. Once reserved to the "High-End Network Telecasts".  ScoreDrive brings the National Network look, down to Regional Sports Networks, TV Stations, Colleges, and even High Schools.


For more information, see ScoreDrive on our PRODUCTS page, or give us a call 

Apr | 05 | 2014

ScoreHD with Dual Link HD-SDI Key/Fill fromThuderbolt Laptops


Las Vegas, NV:


ScoreHD now available with HD-SDI Key/Fill from Thunderbolt equpped Windows 8 laptops.  Users are no longer tied to cumbersome portables and rack-mount systems for Sports Graphics playout.  Unlike competing systems which still require a very large rack mounted render engine.  ScoreHD Thunderbolt's powerful real-time renderer employs the laptops NVIDIA Mobile GPU for animation processing.  The entire system fits neatly into a laptop travel bag.


For more information, see ScoreHD Thunderbolt on our PRODUCTS page, or give us a call 

Apr | 05 | 2014

Low-cost Telestrator for Tricaster, now integrates directly with 3 Play Systems with Network Inputs


Las Vegas, NV:


SketchIVGA is a complete 1RU Telestration system for the Tricaster.  Just feed your "clean-feed" HD-SDI program out feed into the SketchIVGA input for background display on any supported Touchscreen monitor.  Telestration key and fill outputs presented to the Tricaster/3Play network inputs.  Touchscreen monitor can be extended up to 600ft over a single Cat6 cable with our unique Touchscreen extenders.  Only $3,999, includes 1RU Windows7 computer.  Touchscreen Monitor and extenders sold separately.


For more information, see SketchIVGA on our PRODUCTS page, or give us a call 

Feb | 03 | 2014

Now integrate Scoreboard Controller Data Feeds into your VizRT system.


Carlsbad, CA:


Scorebridge for DataPool now provides a application to parse Scoreboard Data Feeds and make the data available under VizRT DataPool.  Interfacing available for Fairplay MP-50, MP-70, MP-72, OES, Whiteway, Daktronics RTD, RTD2, NBA, Daktronics TV Feed, Colorado Timing System 6 swimming.  MSRP $1,999.

Sep | 04 | 2013

Low-cost Solution for Scoreboard Overlay insertion for Coach's Review and Archiving.

Carlsbad, CA:

 Perfect for Arenas, Stadiums, and Colleges looking for a low-cost solution to provide visual insertion of Scoreboard systems Scoring and Timing Data into High Definition Video (HD-SDI) feeds.  Developed for a High Profile NBA Arena, this system is now available for general release.  Small footprint 1RU Chassis. Perfect replacement for composite video AllSportCG's. Supports Fairplay MP50, MP70, MP72, Daktronics RTD, RTD 2,  Daktronics NBA, Daktronics TV,  White Way, and OES as inputs.  Options allow conversion of input all controller input feeds to Daktronics TV Feed for easy integration to Broadcasters and external graphics systems.


Available in Basketball, Hockey, Football, Vollyball configurations. 


For more information, see SCOREMARK on our PRODUCTS page, or give us a call.

Sept | 04 2012

Integrate your Motion Graphics System to your Tricaster™ over IVGA


Carlsbad, CA:


So obvious, you'll say.... "Why didn't I think of that?"


Announcing IVGA Connect™.  The simplest and most economical way to import your existing Graphics Workflow and Assets to the streaming marketplace via the Newtek Tricaster. Now connect HD-SDI BNC based graphics systems to the Tricaster without using scarce HD-SDI BNC inputs.  Simply connect your HD-SDI Key (Alpha) and Fill signals from your existing graphics system, and IVGA Connect™ will make all of your assets available to the Tricaster over the Gigabit Ethernet based IVGA protocol.  Also, when not using IVGA Connect™ for graphics, IVGA Connect™ can provide an extra HD-SDI input for other sources, i.e. cameras, etc.


For more information, see IVGA Connect on our PRODUCTS page, or give us a call.

April | 10 2012


Leading-edge rendering in a portable


Carlsbad, CA:


Now you can take VizrtTM Engine with you!  Graphics Outfitters is pleased to announce the availability of the first Vizrt certified portable computing system.


This custom designed unit is available in single or dual-channel, with solid-state hard drives, Matrox X.m10 Video I/Os and NVidia Quadro 4000 & 5000 GPU's.  Packaged in a custom-designed Portabrace carrying tote, the Vizrt Engine portable from Graphics Outfitters is sized for airline carry-on, fitting in most overhead compartments.


Contact us today about a customized portable built to your specifications.


For more information about Vizrt Engine portable, click on the PRODUCTS link at the top of this webpage.

Jul | 8 2011


Social Media Simplified


Carlsbad, CA:

TweetTick™, The Social Media solution from Graphics Outfitters, integrates social networking seamlessly into any television broadcast or stream. 


With a simplified Windows 7 interface and HD real-time renderer, TweetTick is easy to use for on-air display of popular social media feeds including Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

TweetTick is a state-of-the-art rack-mount system with 1080i/720p outputs, and local or remote user access over IP. Full featured, user-friendly software is included at no extra cost.

More and more viewers today tweet while watching live TV than ever before. Did you know the top 10 most popular network “social shows” had marked increases in gross ratings points? Join the social media revelation today with TweetTick!

May | 07 2012


Carlsbad, CA:

The Phoenix Suns & the Golden State Warriors have completed another  NBA season using Graphics Outfitters Dueo 2TM portable systems.  Bob Adlhoch, Broadcast Producer/Director for the Suns commented on Graphics Outfitters' service and support:


“I have rented a portable Duet from Graphics Outfitters for the past 4 seasons and couldn’t be happier.  Besides the machines being lightning fast and very reasonably priced, we save at least an hour each day in production time by not having to make a disk copy to the truck Duet.  We plug it in and it’s ready to go.  Not having to make a “copy list” during the day of pages or image files that need to be copied back at the end of the night saves time and ensures that if you had it one night, you’ll have it the next.

The customer service provided by Graphics Outfitters is second to none.  On the rare occasions we have needed technical support, GO staff was always available and able to talk our operators through the solutions.  As producers, we go to such great lengths to ensure the consistent quality of our broadcasts.  Traveling my own Duet from Graphics Outfitters has become a necessity for me and the Phoenix Suns.”


The Suns finished the second half of the season strong, scoring over 100 points per game in 18 out of 34. Along with national broadcasts and NBA TV, the Suns can be seen in their markets on Fox Sports Arizona.


The Golden State Warriors finished their second season under new ownership.  Comcast SportNet Bay Area HD coverage included over 33 Warriors games and Comcast Digital Cable ON DEMAND.

Jan | 31 2011


Carlsbad, CA:


Graphics Outfitters is excited to present ScoreOCRTM for Clock Cam optical character recognition. This OCR program is able to translate any SD or HD Clock Cam feed into serial data within a 1/10th of a second and no discernible margin of error.


With ScoreOCR, you will no longer need to "squeeze" down a clock camera to show non-serial scoreboard data. This application is completely compatiable with a variety existing render engines and is the perfect solution for timing and scoring at the high school and college broadcasts and webcasts. Video trucks and the TV industry have been looking for this solution for years, and Graphics Outfitters has the answer.


We have also created solutions to bring your scoring information and ship it via IP anywhere. This can be to a graphics system, database, website or hand-held device, even deliver it as a Daktronics compliant serial data stream. We want to bring Score OCR to your application rather than you having to change anything to bring Score OCR to you. 


We have integrated solutions that include a desk-top or laptop system as well as stand-alone I/O board and software packages. Contact us for more information. Check out our PDF to read a little more on our product.


Setup is fast and easy!  Check it out at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwAz_P1ned8

Jan | 12 2010


New Orleans, LA:  

Graphics Outfitters introduced it's latest product development at the Alliance Productions annual meeting in New Orleans with the addition of SketchHDTM.  SketchHD is a multi-format HD/SD switchable Telestration system with a simplified operator interface similar to the industry standard Codi Sketchpad™.

SketchHD is a touchscreen menu driven application providing rapid operator familiarization and workflow integration with a simplified user interface familiar to operators of legacy analog systems.   SketchHD supports most common broadcast formats and frame rates in both 4:3 and 16:9.  SketchHD has both fill and key outputs, with preview w/overlay to the remote touchscreen/operator  location.

SketchHD is based on "open profiles"  Video I/O and industry standard hardware profiles.  This provides the ability to run alternate applications as the remote production workflow requires by simply transferring software enabling devices for applications such as Chyron Lyric™ and Ventuz™ based FoxBox as a backup for on-site dedicated system hardware failures.  Thus providing piece of mind to Network Operators, Remote Production Companies, and crew that on-site mission critical graphics systems can employ the SketchHD system for emergency backup situations.

Graphics Outfitters National Sales Manager Rich Foley commented "We are pleased with the performance and simplified user interface provided by SkechHD.  We want to thank those companies and individuals who collaborated with Graphics Outfitters on this endeavor to this unique multi-use platform".