Graphics Outfitters introduces ReplayHD for ATEM.   4-Channel HD-SDI Slo-mo/Replay w/ Continuous Record

Finally, your requests have been answered with ReplayHD.  The first full-featured 4 Channel Slo-Motion Replay System for the HD-SDI workflow.  ReplayHD provides Continuous Record functionality, even while playing back a slo-motion sequence, so you will never miss another  replay again.

ReplayHD provides a Key and Fill Channel output which provides capability for Replay Transition animations automatically. Build highlight playlists and save them for recall at a later point. ReplayHD is the perfect complement for the ATEM switcher workflow and priced to please.



See all our Sports Broadcast & Streaming solutions at the Duncan Video Product Showcase – May 22, 2018.

Ritz Charles, Carmel, IN.


Video Coming soon!  

See all our Sports Broadcast & Streaming solutions at the Duncan Video Product Showcase – May 22, 2018.

Ritz Charles, Carmel, IN.

Incredible Animated Sport Template Graphics at an Incredible Price. ScoreHD now supports NDI network protocol.  


Which means platforms such as VMIX, Broadcast Pix, Tricaster and other NDI compliant workflows now integrae seamlessly with ScoreHD.  To celebrate we have a new low price on the NDI render license of only $1,999.  Add your sport template and integrated control application for only $499 ea.  Add externalized scoreboard controller data with ScoreBridge,or Scorebridge MONO starting at just $499.  Or use our ScoreOCR software for camera based timing and scoring integration.

ScoreDrive provides simplified Real-Time vizualization of Football Scoring Drive Data from a StatCrew file for in-stadium Jumbotron presentation of Webstream/Broadcast. The simple interface provides point and click operation.  Don't use StatCrew?  Then try our optional XKeys drive data input system to create the XML data file for you.

ScoreHD Arena creates Big League look graphics and functionality like Penalty Clock, Shot Clocks, etc,. at an affordable price.  ScoreHD Arena is a 1RU self-contained system. It is designed for Operator-free Operation.  Ingest your Team Logos and Names as well as Sponsor logos once.  Then recall those directly from any supported Scoreboard Controller.  

Feed all of your in-house monitors with the output of ScoreHD Arena.  Revenue Generation possible via Sponsorship Logos.  

Supports HD-SDI or HDMI.


See all our Sports Broadcast & Streaming solutions at the Duncan Video Product Showcase – May 22, 2018.

Ritz Charles, Carmel, IN.


OCR Assist merges a typical manual clock, with OCR Technology that automatically controls the clock's starting and stopping actions.  A function that is usually done completely manually leaving the operator to attempt to synchronize the Scorebug Clock to the Stadium Clock.  

Simply set up OCR Assist to the scoreboards "seconds digit" and set the local clock on OCR Assist to the time on the Scoreboard.  When the Scoreboard begins to increment or decrement, then OCR Assist increments or decrements the local clock in OCR Assist by 1 second. OCR Assist comes with our "Clock Visualizer" software that enables custom fonts and sizes in your clock.  

Green Screen background for Chromakey is also availablle.  Just import the "Clock Visualizer" through your Desktop Presenter functionality to integrate into your existing Scorebug graphics in Wirecast, Livestream, and VMix.  Or send OCR Assist clock data directly into Live Text with Data Link for rendering in your Tricaster.

ScoreBridge MONO


A low-cost* Single Scoreboard Controller interface.  Get your data from your controller directly from the Controllers Serial Port.  Don't settle for complicated and expensive Cloud-based subscription products that present inherent data return delays, and require internet connections and log-ins.

Scorebridge Mono provides the lowest latency possible without the recurring data fees to recover YOUR DATA.  ScoreBridge MONO is a ONE-TIME-BUY.  Includes FREE ScoreHD Clock Visuializer Software for clock integration into Wirecast, Livestream, Vmix, and LiveText.  

*Older controllers with only BNC Current Loop outputs like NEVCO or Electro-Mech may require additional hardware at additional cost.



A Low-cost full featured Telestrator for HD-SDI installations.  Sketch HD+ provides intuitive operator setup of of custom brushes and effects. Touch screen extension can be accomplished either over Cat 6 cable, or Fiber/BNC cable pairs allow easy integration into existing Stadium/Arena cable infrastructure.   

Now integrate Scoreboard Controller Data Feeds into your Vizrt system.


Scorebridge for DataPool now provides an application to parse Scoreboard Data Feeds and make the data available under Vizrt DataPool.  Interfacing available for Fairplay MP-50, MP-70, MP-72, OES, Whiteway, Daktronics RTD, RTD2, NBA, Daktronics TV Feed, Colorado Timing System 6 swimming.  MSRP $1,999.


See all our Sports Broadcast & Streaming solutions at the Duncan Video Product Showcase – May 22, 2018.

Ritz Charles, Carmel, IN.


Available in Basketball, Hockey, Football, Vollyball configurations. Perfect for Arenas, Stadiums, and Colleges looking for a low-cost solution to provide visual insertion of Scoreboard systems Scoring and Timing Data into High Definition Video (HD-SDI) feeds.  

Developed for a High Profile NBA Arena, this system is now available for general release.  Small footprint 1RU Chassis. Perfect replacement for composite video AllSportCG's. Supports Fairplay MP50, MP70, MP72, Daktronics RTD, RTD 2,  Daktronics NBA, Daktronics TV,  White Way, and OES as inputs.  Options allow conversion of all controller input feeds to Daktronics TV Feed for easy integration to Broadcaster and external graphics systems.

Vizrt Engine Portable - have render engine, will travel

Now you can take VizrtTM Engine with you!  Graphics Outfitters is pleased to announce the availability of the first Vizrt certified portable computing system.


This custom designed unit is available in single or dual-channel, with solid-state hard drives, Matrox X.m10 Video I/Os and NVidia Quadro 4000 & 5000 GPU's.  Packaged in a custom-designed Portabrace carrying tote, the Vizrt Engine portable from Graphics Outfitters is sized for airline carry-on, fitting in most overhead compartments.


Contact us today for more information about a customized portable to your specifications.

Get rid of that "Clock Cam" ! 

ScoreOCRTM, our premier solution for sporting event timing & scoring data, is now available for Laptops!  

The single input Laptop Edition is the perfect portable system, and includes the Blackmagic™ Intensity Shuttle with HDMI, S-Video, Component and Composite Inputs. (Laptop not included)  Click on this PDF for more information and simplified users manual.


All versions of ScoreOCR are easy & intuitive to set-up –

Watch the demo video

The Missing Link for moving RS-232 data over Stadium Sized Distances

The Graphics Outfitters one-piece Short Haul Modem incorporates new technology that will transport RS-232 data up to 1,000 feet over standard XLR audio mults  with full integrity and NO crosstalk.

Use the Short Haul Modem with JUGSTM Pro-Sport Radar Guns, standard scoreboard controllers from DaktronicsTM, WhitewayTM, OESTM or FairplayTM; or Graphics Outfitters own camera based data integration application, ScoreOCRTM . 

The Short Haul Modem is also fully compatible with our ScoreBridge application to feed industry standard data into CompixTM, ChyronTM, NewtekTM, ScoreboxTM, TV-GraphicsTM and Sport MediaTM graphics systems.

Dueo! Keyboard for Lyric

Graphics Outfitters' own universal keyboard optimized for Lyric™ and Lyric Pro™. This cost effective keyboard has every feature that the Chyron keyboard does, but much smaller, much sturdier, and much lighter than the Chyron keyboard. With it's compact footprint, the Dueo! keyboard is very effective & efficient as a both primary or a secondary backup keyboard.

Available with PS2 or USB interface.