Connecting ScoreBridge™ Software to ScoreIP™ or ScoreBridgeIP™


This guide assumes you have a basic understanding on setting up ScoreBridge™ if not please read this SETUP GUIDE

  1. Add the Websocket address of either your ScoreBridgeIP™ or ScoreIP™. The formatting must be ws://<ip-address>/ws
  2. Choose the sport and protocol the scoreboard is set to
  3. Add the Reference Variables you need to display in your graphics. To create new variables input a reference name in the blank text box (keep the Input Type and Text) when done click the blue Add Object button
  4. Bind the Reference Variables to the specific data in the clock using the dropdown
  5. Choose the appropriate output method
  6. Verify that each Reference Variable has a coinciding output variable

When finished click Save and Close.