How To Use HyperTerminal™ as a Serial Port Monitor

If you need a copy of HyperTerminal™ download it HERE

HyperTerminal is a windows bases serial port monitor and has no affiliation with Graphics Outfitters Software. 
If you do not see data in HyperTerminal™ verify your connections are correct coming from the controller.

To use HyperTerminal™ as a serial port monitor or dumb terminal

  1. Connect the system you are monitoring to the serial port.
  2. Open the HyperTerminal™ Software and create a new connection.
  3. Enter a name for your connection and click OK.
  4. Select your COM port, under “connect using”.
  5. Click Configure, and make sure that the port and baud(Bits per second) settings match those required by the system you are connecting to, the rest of the setting should be: Data bits = 8; Parity = None; Stop Bits = 1; Flow control = None . Click OK.
  6. Click OK again to connect. Once connected you should see the text as it is received by the serial port.
  7. If you need to capture non-text data as well you can do this by clicking Transfer, Capture Text, Start.