ScoreIP™ Set-Up Guide

ScoreIP™ is a device that broadcasts the raw serial data from a scoreboard controller over a local or public network. ScoreBridge™ (included) is required to parse the feed.

Depending on the hardware version you may or may not have a LCD screen. you can access the main webpage via host name http://scoreip or ping scoreip-4 to get to ipv4 address


Connect the power, Lan and USB serial in to the appropriate ports.

When the unit powers up it will get assigned a DHCP IP address with the Hostname scoreip.



Insert the IP address into a browser windows and the login screen will display. The username and password are both scoreip.


Once connected you will be on the configuration page. Leave the setting the way they are unless you need to change the Baud rate for the serial data. When you hit connect you will see the raw data. Now you are ready for the ScoreBridge™ setup.


Launch ScoreBridge™ load a current configuration or the Default.


On the main screen make sure Scoreboard serial is selected and click Settings.

ScoreBridge UI

On the settings page in the TCP/IP Address field you need to add the IP address in either the websocket or TCP format. Websocket will be be prefix ws:// for example TCP will be Websocket is recommended.

Create your Reference variables and bind them to the correct sport and protocol.