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ScoreBridge™ intergration XPression DataLinq™ Server

This is guide for using ScoreBridge™ as a data source, binding Scorebridge™ data to fields in an XPression scene. Prerequisites: Basic understanding of XPression Datalinq™, the XPression U (see video below). ScoreBridge™ Software version 1.9.9+  Download Link for latest version  ScoreBridge™ Software version 1.9.9+ is required  Download Link for latest version Launch your ScoreBridge

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ScoreBridge™ Set-UP

This is a complete guide for setting up ScoreBridge™ from scratch. Prerequisites: Latest Windows update ScoreBridge™ Software Download Link BEFORE YOU START. It is very important that you verify you are getting scoreboard data out of your controller first. If you have not confirmed this, please follow this guide CONNECTING EXTERNAL DEVICES . Install ScoreBridge™

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